Sparkling Clean: Can You Wash an O’Cedar Mop Head in the Washer?

A mop is a superhero of cleaning tools, always ready to battle dirt and grime. One of the favorites among these super tools is the O’Cedar mop, known for its ability to keep our floors squeaky clean. But, what happens when our hero gets dirty? The question that comes up often is, “Can you wash an O’Cedar mop head in the washer?” Don’t fret! We are here to answer that question and guide you on how to keep your mop head clean. So, let’s dive in!

The Mop Head Cleaning Mystery

Before we answer whether you can wash an O’Cedar mop head in the washer, let’s discuss why it’s important. A clean mop is more effective at trapping dirt and germs than a dirty one. Plus, washing it after each use extends its life, saving you money in the long run.

Can You Toss It in the Washer?

Now to the big question: Can you wash an O’Cedar mop head in the washer? The answer is YES! You can! But there are some steps you should follow to make sure it’s done right and the mop head lasts longer.

How to Wash Your Mop Head in the Washer

1. Remove the Mop Head: First, you need to take the mop head off the mop. O’Cedar mop heads are designed to be easy to remove and replace. Just twist it off or unclip it according to your mop model.

2. Pre-Rinse: Once removed, rinse the mop head under warm water to get rid of loose dirt.

3. Washing Machine Ready: Place the mop head in the washer. It’s best to wash it alone or with similar items. You don’t want the dirt from the mop getting on your clothes!

4. Select the Right Setting: Set the washer to a gentle cycle with warm water. Add a mild detergent for a thorough clean.

5. Air Dry: After the wash, don’t put the mop head in the dryer. Instead, allow it to air dry completely before attaching it back to the mop handle.

Important Reminders

While it’s perfectly fine to wash your O’Cedar mop head in the washer, remember not to use bleach or fabric softener. These can damage the mop head’s fibers and lessen its cleaning abilities.


So, next time your O’Cedar mop head gets dirty, you know exactly what to do! With proper care and regular washing, your mop can continue to be the cleaning superhero your home needs. Remember, a clean mop means a clean home, so don’t forget to wash that mop head in the washer after your next cleaning day.

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